Allay Consulting

Whether your business involves THC, other Cannabinoids, or Psychedelic plants, Allay Consulting serves all plant medicine industries to ensure regulatory compliance across all operations. We work with regulators, cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, investors and other stakeholders across the U.S. to develop customized strategies to avoid compliance pitfalls. Drawing from years of experience working on the regulatory side of the equation, our team is well-versed in rulemaking, cannabis language, extraction, manufacturing, and best practices. Allay has vast knowledge of product safety, food safety, multiple state regulatory compliance, cGMP and ISO certification, OSHA compliance, and conducting due diligence audits. Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and unwavering attention to detail are central to Allay Consulting. We put your compliance worries to bed so you can focus on your products and services. Learn more at

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